An Evening with the Creatures

Introducing STATExCOTW

From left to right: Chris Peters, Mickey Boardman, Shane Gabier, Scott Shapiro

Conventional wisdom would probably not advise throwing a launch party during a blizzard. Luckily, neither we nor Creatures of the Wind are known for being conventional. Last week, when the forecast blared NOR’EASTER, we pulled out our boots and lined up a sitter for the Chicago factory. Then it was off to our home away from home, New York to celebrate the launch of our first collaboration with Creatures of the Wind.

We want to thank The Flower Shop for an amazing evening as well as everyone else who braved the storm to be with us. One day we’ll all tell our grandkids about how we used to walk uphills both ways in the snow just to be first to try on a limited-edition collab collection.

The nine-piece STATExCOTW collection.

The Flower Shop concocted custom cocktails inspired by each STATExCOTW style.

What blizzard?

We fully support wearing sunglasses indoors.

The night’s honored guests, Monitor, Tripp, Leland, and Neenah.

We share a belief with COTW that manufacturing in the US results in luxury you can both see and feel.

Vice President, Amanda, giving a tour of the collection.

The evolution of rock and roll inspired each STATExCOTW design. View the full collection.