In Conversation with Maxwell

We are thrilled to announce the STATE X Maxwell Collaboration with a limited edition sunglass style designed in partnership with recording artist, three-time Grammy winner, and modern soul star, Maxwell. The limited edition style is named REUNION, a reference to the song from Maxwell’s debut album ‘Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite,’ and a word that means […]

STATE x Japan Introduces Titanium Styles

The STATE pyramid imprinted on pure titanium nosepads. Pictured: Nagano As the STATE x Japan collaboration continues, we wanted to shine a brighter light on the amazing titanium craftsmanship coming out of Sabae, Japan. The biggest compliment one craftsman can pay another is to get out of their way and let them show off their […]

The Non-Basic Holiday Gift Guide

There are some people in your life you can give a sweater to every year to their delight, but there are others that have us scratching our heads during gifting season, especially this year. This guide is for them (and let’s face it for you too). As we enter crunch time for getting in holiday […]

Introducing the STATE Artisan Series

The drive to create knows no borders; it has no gender or ethnicity; it measures no distance. For some, it takes hold of everything and changes how they see the world. These are artisans. There are over 60 in the STATE factory, and countless others around the globe. The STATE Artisan Series explores what can […]

Virtually Explore Chicago through STATE’s Latest Collection

At a time when we’re making efforts to stay close to home, we thought we’d take you on a virtual tour of some of Chicago’s gems that inspired our latest styles. Each STATE frame is named for a Chicago street. Sometimes it’s a neighborhood vibe the style captures, sometimes it’s a historic landmark, sometimes it’s […]

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