STATE x Japan Introduces Titanium Styles

The STATE pyramid imprinted on pure titanium nosepads. Pictured: Nagano

As the STATE x Japan collaboration continues, we wanted to shine a brighter light on the amazing titanium craftsmanship coming out of Sabae, Japan. The biggest compliment one craftsman can pay another is to get out of their way and let them show off their own work. For this STATE x Japan release, the focus is purely on the beauty of titanium eyewear, made in Japan.

These styles feature pure titanium, hypoallergenic fronts, nosepads, and hinges, and flexible, beta-titanium temples. All designed in Chicago, the collection “imparts a sense of discovery to each style by accentuating shapes and colors with fine details that draw the eye in and hold your attention,” describes designer Nico Roseillier.

Take a closer look at the details that make this collection special:

Top left & bottom right: Kurashiki; top right: Hirosaki; bottom left: Osaka

Though titanium offers a wonderfully thin profile, we wanted this collection to be full of dimension. Two-tone plating adds an accent color to each frame, accentuating each shape. Hand-painted enamel accents highlight unique details and, though titanium is known for its strength, add a delicate esthetic.

Precision etched grooves and channels impart texture and even more luxury into the STATE x Japan titanium styles, and we introduce a new signature pattern born out of the STATE pyramid of 21 dots (symbolizing our home of Illinois, the 21st state). This pattern connects triangles with slashed lines to show the interconnectedness of this collaboration and, indeed, the world around us. You’ll still see the STATE pyramid etched in each nosepad and temple tip; a statement that, even when you leave home, your home never leaves you.

Details separate the Hakone from similar styles.