• Roscoe_SUN_FrontView_MainImage_CobaltOxide
  • Roscoe_SUN_SideView_MainImage_CobaltOxide
  • Roscoe_SUN_FrontView_MainImage_Tidepool
  • Roscoe_SUN_SideView_MainImage_TidePool
  • Roscoe_SUN_FrontView_MainImage_PlumMosaic
  • Roscoe_SUN_SideView_MainImage_PlumMosaic
  • Roscoe_SUN_FrontView_MainImage_JetMosaic
  • Roscoe_SUN_SideView_MainImage_JetMosaic
  • COBALT OXIDE Roscoe_SUN_SideView_CobaltOxide
  • TIDE POOL Roscoe_SUN_SideView_Tidepool
  • PLUM MOSAIC Roscoe_SUN_SideView_PlumMosaic
  • JET MOSAIC Roscoe_SUN_SideView_JetMosaic
  • There’s more than meets the eye in Chicago’s Roscoe Village. If you slow down as you stroll down Roscoe Street, you’ll find hidden gem after hidden gem, from funky shops to delectable restaurants. Likewise, this style merits slowing down to appreciate the details, namely the complex acetate patterns. Plum and jet mosaics capture light at every angle while the multi-colored tidepool and cobalt oxide conjure visions of refined kaleidoscopes.




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